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  5. Звучна изолација и акустика за станбени згради

Звучна изолација и акустика за станбени згради

Звучна изолација и акустика за станбени згради

When choosing or building your new home, you need to consider several important factors that will determine your quality of rest and life in it:

1. The location of the dwelling. If the apartment is located in a busy place, you should consider its soundproofing and your inability to sleep there. Our advice is to visit the location both during the day and at night to hear how the place sounds.

2. The type of building. Namely, whether it is single-family or multi-family. In case your home will be in close proximity to other homes, you need to make sure that the walls, floors and ceilings are designed and / or designed to protect you from other people's noises, but also to preserve the confidentiality of your life. from others.

3. Whether the building is existing or under construction. In both cases, it is good to find out how close to your home and especially its bedrooms are the stairwells and / or elevators. If they are close to or adjacent to your home, this is a guarantee of impact noise that you will not have control over. It is necessary to make additional sound insulation of the most vulnerable structural elements of your home. If it is possible to install sound insulation in common areas, this would guarantee an optimal result.

4. What are your neighbors. It is good to get acquainted with them, in case you have them and get more information about their experience with noise; whether you have common walls, floors and ceilings of bedrooms or different purpose rooms. If their and your border areas are used for different purposes (example: a living room next door, sharing a wall with your bedroom), it is very likely that noise problems will start. This also applies to neighbors with very different lifestyles. Our advice: establish good relations with your neighbors so that you can achieve better results when making your sound insulation. In many cases, in order to save yourself from the noise of their footsteps, it is necessary to lay sound insulation in the apartment above you, and this will not be possible if you are not on good terms;)

For more advice, information and assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. In the meantime, check out our soundproofing solutions for residential buildings here.

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