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Our mission is to improve the quality of sleep, rest and work of as many people as possible.


Classical soundproofing and acoustics have limitations. We develop the future of soundproofing and acoustics through science and innovation.


We believe that acoustic consultancy, product development & production, installation and result verification should be all done under one roof.  Why? Because only by closing the cycle, from the drawing board to the end measurements on site, one can be 100% sure that the results achieved are real and can meet the highest expectation of the user. 

And yes, we know this is unconventional, but we never were conventional. 


Blitz interview
PhD. M.Sc.Eng. Tsvetan Nedkov
Основач / партнер @ DECIBEL

Д-р. Акустичен инженер со д-р. Теза „Истражување и развој на методи и алгоритми за пресметување загуба на преносот на партиции за концертни сали и студиски за снимање“ @ ТУ, Софија.

Инженер за градежништво на м-р @ UACEG, Софија


Blitz interview
Дијана Цоневска
Основач / партнер @ DECIBEL

BA International Business (German & Italian) @ European Business School London, UK

МА Brand Building (English) @ New Bulgarian University, Sofia 

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